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Spring has arrived! I know that grills will be hot and summery iced drinks will be flowing. Welcome grilling season, we’ve been waiting for you! No really, we have. Winter lasted around a million and half days in the Midwest. I need you grilling season. I need you!!

I want to get you geared up for grilling season.  From the smells, the sounds, to the flavors,  it’s all fun and games until you char the burgers and ruin the shindig. Don’t let this be you.  I shared some tips over at Indianapolis Moms Blog and I want to share a few of them here with you. Follow the tips below for fun and fool proof grilling season. Add this list of tips to your kitchen basics arsenal. Trust me. You’ll want to. 

  1. When prepping for a day of grilling it’s best to start with a clean grill. The best time to clean your grill is just after your finished for the day. Cleaning while the grill is hot helps remove remaining food residue from the grates. Grab some elbow grease and a metal brush to help with the sticky spots. Once you’re done cleaning the grill, you’ll be ready for the next shindig! 
  2. Tools of the trade are important for grilling. Keep a spray bottle close to help deal with fire flares. You can even use a seasoned water/vinegar solution to help keep the food moist and keep fires at bay. A meat thermometer will be your next best friend when cooking on an open flame. This isn’t the time to eye-ball or guestimate. suggests using a digital thermometer to get the most accurate reading of your meat. Heavy duty barbecue tongs are life saver for picking up food that may have slipped through the grates. I especially like the long handled sets. 
  3.  Don’t have access to an outdoor grill? A grill pan can be just as good. Just oil, heat and get to indoor grilling with out hanging out in the heat. 

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image via pexel