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I love food. You know that. I cook often.

Cooking and eating are sanctuaries for me. Cooking is my solace, I enjoy. I believe I do it well. After 20+ years in the kitchen as a home cook, I’ve gathered a ton of cooking skills as well as tips and hacks that have made this cooking thang more doable. I like to think that I’m a cooks cook. Always learning, always testing the “limits” always wanting to elevate my taste and skills. This life chose me really. I’m glad it did. Because of this, I’m able to share my knowledge with all of you. Today, I want to share 5 tips that I’ve gained that I feel have served me well in the kitchen. ANDDDDDDDDD To debut a new way I plan to share those tips with you. 

  1. Bland food won’t prosper. I say this ALL THE TIME. You must season your food. I know this seems strange to have to say but it’s number 1 on my list for reason. I come in contact with tons of people who are afraid of seasoning their food.  The spice aisle is a great way to do that. 
  2. In addition to seasoning your food, make friends with aromatics and herbs. These simple yet powerful ingredients can go miles in the kitchen. 
  3. Have a dish that is falling flat on taste? An easy way to elevate it is by adding salt and an acid (lemon juice, vinegar, red wine) Flavor, flavor, flavor!
  4. You want the best and freshest produce and meat items? GO EARLY!! This is an insider tip from years of working in grocery retail marketing. Most grocery stores stock their best and brightest, and often newest fresh products in the morning. 
  5. Keep your tools sharp. Dull knives make for dull cuts. No one wants jagged steak or uneven tomatoes!Each week, I share a cooking or kitchen related tip with my followers on social media. I’ve expanded that!! Starting next week, you can get the weekly Tidbit Tuesday tip sent you via text. You want in? Grab the details below: