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“How do you do it all?” they ask. “All” as in clean little people, feed them the foods they will tolerate, get them ready for school unscathed, and manage to do all of the same for myself, everyday. The answer? I really don’t know. Some days I’m surprised myself, but I do know it can be done. It isn’t always (read rarely) perfect, but it does indeed happen. Most weeks the feeding thing is the one thing I know I will get done without a hitch. Why? Because, food is my love language. I love to cook, and I obsess over tasty things. I plan my menus down like I’m planning a party. It’s fun for me. You know this if you frequent this space. One of the ways I do that effectively with my little family of three is by meal prepping. I shared a few tips about my meal planning and how I make it work for us over at Indianapolis Moms Blog.  Head over to read the full post. 

In addition to the post, I visited my friends over at local station, WISH-TV 8, to chat more about meal prepping.  The segment features tips and tricks to make your meal prep life a little easier. 

View the segment here:  

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