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Hey, Hey, Hey!! Things have been going forth over here! 

Many of you know that my blogging experience came forth due to my love for community and sharing. One of the awesome connections I’ve made via this blog and community work has been with Center of Wellness for Urban Women

This organization, led by Rhonda Bayless has become a HUGE force as a resource for women and families in urban communities. Through my work with them, I provide meatless recipe content and have taught cooking classes as apart of my cooking school initiative. (We’ll talk about the more soon) A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to teach a class for the organization and a group of seniors. I shared a Warm Orzo Salad recipe that featured Indiana grown zucchini.  Through this quick cooking class, I was able to introduce a new vegetable into the diet of seniors.  What an amazing experience it was to be with that group. Community matters, and if I have my way. We’ll be able to do that everyday!

Grab the recipe and check out a few pictures from my time with them below. 

Warm Orzo Salad with Zucchini & Tomatoes
1 cup orzo
8 cups water
1 Tbsp Butter or Olive oil for sauteing
1 large zucchini, chopped
Pint of cherry or grape tomatoes, sliced in half
1 large shallot, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp. fresh thyme, minced
Juice 1/2 Lemon 
salt and pepper to taste

Bring water to a boil in a pot over high heat. Add orzo pasta to salted water and cook about 7-9 minutes, or until al dente. Drain, set aside.

In a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt butter. Add zucchini, cherry tomatoes, shallot and garlic. Sauté until zucchini is tender.

Remove from heat and add thyme, lemon juice salt and pepper, stirring well. Then toss with orzo until well combined. Serve immediately.
Serves 4