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I’m often asked, “How can I get my kid involved with me in the kitchen?” The answer is pretty simple, Open it up to them. The kitchen can be a big, scary place for a little person, but it doesn’t have to be. Allow a little one to stir the brownie batter, break up bread for croutons, teach them how to set the table. Things their little hands can handle.  All of those things go hand in hand, with learning how to cook. That said, this post will showcase a food craft and a snack  you can make with your littles for this Thanksgiving holiday. Allow your kids to get hands on this Thanksgiving by making a fun craft project and serving a fun snack. 

Using bath tissue rings, make napkin ring place holders. NapkinRing_foodlovetog

Homemade Napkin Rings


2-4 plain bath tissue rolls


Leaves, Dried Beans or Candy Corn



Cut each bath tissue roll in to rings 2 inches in diameter.

Glue fall leaves, candy corn or dried beans to roll and allow to dry.

Stuff napkin in ring and place at table or on plate.

** For a personalized touch, glue a plain tag to each leaf with each guests name printed.


Ordinary snacks just won’t do for Thanksgiving, serve fun snack cornucopias by using Waffle cones


Snack Cornucopias 


Waffle Cones (enough for each guest)

Your favorite snack mix (I used Popcorn, nuts, chocolate candies, pretzels)

Yarn or string

Round Paper Cutouts

Markers or Colored Pencils


Fill each Waffle cone with your favorite snack mix & serve to happy, and hungry guests awaiting a feast.

Personalize them by adding a name tag to each one. 

Write each guests name on a round paper cutout

Punch a small hole in each cutout and thread a piece of yarn or string through each.

Tie around snack cornucopia and serve!


I hope these fun, yet simple crafts inspire you to let you littles take part in Thanksgiving this year. Giving them a part makes them feel special and just may cultivate a love for the kitchen. 

Thanks for reading!

Love God, Love People, Eat Good!