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I’m growing a garden… Well not a big one, but I’ve started our indoor garden, and I’m so excited! As a part of my Kitchen Basics series, I want to share 3 Herbs that I use in my kitchen weekly, that I am know cultivating in that same kitchen: Parsley. Cilantro. Basil.
my little (but big) three.

Growing up, grabbing something out of my grandparents garden was like putting on shoes. You just did it. I loved that feeling of having something fresh and literally homegrown on my plate. That said, now that we are in our new space, I’m gardening baby!

This year for my birthday, my husband gifted me a ton of organic seeds and gardenware. He knows the way to my heart. (gift me in food)

I finally planted a few of the seeds a few weeks ago. For my windowsill garden, I planted Cilantro, Parsley and Basil. Why? I use these 3 too much to not have them in my home all the time. Running to the store just for herbs is getting to be… A little much. I know better, and you will too. Growing my own herbs helps my budget too! My organic seed packs were fairly reasonable at less than $2.00 a packet. You’ll pay well over that just for fresh Basil in the grocery store. 

So here we are. I’ve got some littles y’all

 Next up- peppers and tomatoes.I’ll keep you posted on how they do.

So more about the 3 herbs I planted.  

 Cilantro-Corianders big brother. You either love or hate this vibrant herb. Bushy and bright green. Cilantro pairs well with rice, chicken, avocado and pretty much any and everything in my house. It’s in my Grilled Corn Salsa recipe. Check it out!

Parsley- The little herb that could. Parsley is the go to guy for cooking. Bright green and leafy, Parsley is used as a garnish in many dishes. I’ve used it in my Favorite Meatball recipe.

Basil- leafy and highly fragrant, grows fast, and a few seeds will do the trick. I often use it as a base for sauce or as a final garnish to my favorite Italian dishes, like my Marinara recipe.

I hope this gives you a little nudge to grow your herbs!


Thanks for reading!

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  • Carmin D aka th little cousin who admires you :)

    I’ve always wanted to start my own garden and start it by planting herbs. My question is on the upkeep….it’ll literally be my first wack at this

    • FoodLoveTog Post author

      My herbs are growing quite nicely. Upkeep very minimal. Water + Sun. They do their own work!
      Thank you for commenting!

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