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Happy Friday! We’ve met another weekend and I’m glad about it.

This edition of Soul Food Friday, is personal. More of a testimony really.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked in the grocery industry in Marketing for a large retailer.

While, I always knew I would be in some sort of business capacity in the industry.. I’d taken Marketing all through high school, was a DECA member, even made it my major in my first go-round of undergrad. Entering my late 20’s I started to question it if was for me. I kept working, doing my job well, earning awards, making contacts.. all the stuff you do at work right? Right. Enter 2013. Work was rough, we were busy, understaffed, and I was starting to feel stagnant. I could do my job in my sleep. I literally would wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts of “Did I email the reports to xxxx?” and I would reply, “Of course you did silly.” And head back off to sleep. I was extremely comfortable in what I was doing. 

Here comes baby.

After finding out that my husband and I were expecting Little Miss FoodLoveTog I wondered about work, how I would keep up, could I compete? How would my employer treat me after having my daughter? I knew staying home wasn’t an option financially. There were other factors too- I happen to have this whole issue with depending on other people to take care of my needs and wants. So I did want to continue working, but I wanted to do something more. I had taken on new roles in my current position, but it still wasn’t enough, and ultimately I had hit a glass wall, not ceiling. There weren’t many other options for me. Oh, don’t get me wrong there were a options, but none of those would be conducive to my creativeness or productivity. In my eyes, “Onward and Upward”

So, I updated my resume, sent some info out, got serious with my LinkedIn profile and sent up a prayer.  Literally a year later, I applied and interviewed for what my I consider a dream job. I prayed. I cried. Was worried, was nervous. I’d spent 10.5 years with this company, am I really ready for something new? Of course I was. I eventually was offered this position and will start in a week. The awesome thing, is that I know this position was created for me. It’s everything I hoped to do with my current employer, but was never given the opportunity. It’s better for my family and allows me to flex my creative muscle. 



The moral of me sharing this- Being comfortable in your stagnancy is never ok. If you’re stagnant, you’re not growing.

And if you do your part, I assure you, God will do the rest.



Have a great Friday y’all!


Thanks for reading!



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