2013: A look back | Indianapolis Food Blogger

Good morning and Happy Monday!

How amazing is it that this year is coming to an end. It seems like, just yesterday was the 1st of January and we were embarking on something new.
This year was a whirlwind of awesomeness and change for me.
I entered the food blogging world, as a full time blogger with a committed space and all that jazz.
Thank you for welcoming me in and loving and hating my posts. Yea, I like the good and that bad, it only heap me get better, so thank you! These last few months have truly been a time of growth and change for me, and I thank you for being here reading and cooking right along my side.
To look back this year, I’d like to leave you with a few of my goals for next year as the relate to this little space on the web.
1. Get back into sharing my recipes. This is a major one for me. While I still cook almost everyday, my energy level isn’t always that grand when it comes to a full shoot for cooking. I’m working on it.
2. Add a special baby eats section.
My husband and I are expecting our first child in March, so this will be something for much, much later in the year. (Did I know share that little tidbit here) no.. Oh my bad! We’re expecting a baby girl!
3. Blog more bacon.
Nuff said. I mean it’s bacon! Come on!
4. Add a healthy eating feature each month. While I am a proud member of the bacon mafia. I know that I can’t eat bacon ALL the time. I know. I know. I know. If you’re interested in being a healthy eating feature- let me know! I’d love to focus you on the blog!
5. Continue to honor God and my family in this space.
Faith and family are two of my pillars, without them, I crumble. This blog will always relate back to those two points in some shape or form.

2013 was truly an awesome year for FoodLoveTog!
Thanks for reading and rocking with me.
I look forward to sharing SoulFood and good eats with you in 2014.

All the best to you!! See you in ’14

Love God, Love People, And eat Good!

The image below, fresh cornbread muffins made by my granny. I’ll share that recipe here soon!