Soul Food Friday: What matters in the end | Indianapolis Food Blogger

Hi guys! Happy Friday to you.
Today’s post is simply me sharing a piece of my heart.
My Granny, the woman I frequently talk about here and on social media has gone home to glory.
She passed away yesterday morning, at the sweet and tender age of 83.
She lived a beautiful, creative and full life. She raised 5 children. Has over 30 grand and great-grand children. Countless family members and a host of friends.

She was my grandmother. I’m her babies oldest baby. To say our bond was more than special was an understatement. I’ve loved my granny for 30 years and the love she gave back was a blessing.

I spent many days with her in the dining room and kitchen learning what makes a person… A person. She taught me about cooking with love and how a meal can turn a frown into a smile. Her biscuits weren’t just bread, they were peace offerings, afternoon chat starters, friendship makers.

Looking back, what I can take from it all is that, it matters not about what you do, if the things you do in this life, don’t have a purpose. My grandmothers purpose was love. She spoke it and lived it.
One phrase she would always say was “I love you more.” It was more than just a phrase for her. The legacy of love she leaves rings loudly with those of us who spent one moment in her presence.

Today, I charge you. Believers. Non-believers. People. Men. Women.
Look to find your purpose. Seek it out, and whatever you do, live it. Live a life worth living.
Leave a legacy that your kids will be proud to share.

Thank you for letting me share a piece of my heart today.
And to all of you that still have grandparents, take the time to spend time. While we are busy growing up, our grandparents are busy growing old.

Thanks for reading!

Love God. Love people. Eat Good!