Soul Food Friday: A Prayer | Indianapolis Food Blogger

Happy Friday everyone!!
We’ve made it another week, I’m so glad about it. These last few weeks have been very rough media weeks (I’m a news junkie) it seems that no matter where you turn there is a pot full of bad news. Today, I wanted to post a prayer that has been on my heart lately.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for being all knowing, all seeing, all loving and all protecting.
God, it feels as if this world is being over taken by evil doers, greedy people, false prophets and heart broken people. God, continue to show that even though the world looks dark, ugly, unforgiving, and hard to navigate, that you are always here, advising, abiding with me. You’re in the wind, you’re in the Sun, your spirit lives with me. Even though bad things happen, you’re still a God of new beginnings, healing and restoration.
Teach me O God, to continue to cast my cares to you. Teach me to still be beacons of your light in this dark cold world. Your word says that your word will never return void, help me believe in your word God. Help me to hold to its truths, even when the world wants me to believe that you no longer exist. I know your exist, I’ve seen your works in me, I’ve seen your works in others. Help me to not forsake you God. The one who stands with me when others walk away.
Thank you for being a God of love. Thank you for sending your son Jesus, to be the hope of the world for a sinner like me. Through him, my debt of sin has been paid, and I’m thankful.

God, I pray a prayer for healing for every sick, broken person in this world today. God be the fixer. I believe you for miracles.

Thank you for all you’re doing, done and going to do in my life.
You’re worthy of all praise, glory and honor.

All these blessings, I ask in your name, Amen.

Thanks for reading guys!
Love God. Love People. Eat Good!