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Happy Friday!!!
We made it another week.
Today’s dish of soul food deals with the past. Specifically the lessons that it can teach us.
There is a story in the Bible where God is going to destroy a city for its wickedness… You may have heard of it… Sodom and Gomorra.
The scriptures can be found in Genesis 18, and 19. Serious and heavy stuff.
The part that calls out to me the most, is the section regarding Lot and his wife. Many of us have heard it.
“But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” (Genesis 19:26 NIV)
Am I the only one that wonders why she looked back?
Maybe she was looking back wondering what happen, what she could have done better?
We all do that sometimes don’t we, look back and question. When dealing with things from our past, we can beat ourselves up about it, sulk over it, and sometimes refuse to deal with it.
How about it this: Our past situations, good and bad are lessons, and we shouldn’t allow them to be roadblocks to our future.
We can recognize the past, but continue to move forward. When we talk down to ourselves, and sulk over the “shoulda, coulda, wouldas” that’s when our past starts to hinder our future.
Let us not allow the past to hold us hostage and keep us stagnant.

Thanks for reading!!
Love God. Love People. Eat Good!

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