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Yummy. Chunky, Tomato-ey (yes, its a word) Marinara. I love it and it’s uses go far beyond just being a sauce for spaghetti.

I’m back yall! Follow-Up post from the meatballs a couple of days ago. Have you made them yet? You should. They are good, and I’m not just saying that.. Well.. I am just saying that, but go make them!

Today’s post is about marinara. No, not that stuff you see in a jar, all that stuff is great in a pinch, put you can totally make your own, and freeze for later!

All you need is:


Ok, well that not ALL you need, but you only need a few more items outside of those four. Ingredient list and recipe is below.

Chunky Marinara Sauce

1 can crushed tomatoes

1 can whole tomatoes

½ cup water

1 tablespoon fresh garlic

1 Medium diced Onion

½  tablespoon of sugar

Pinch of Salt

Fresh cracked pepper

2 Fresh Basil Leaves minced

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil


In a nice size stock pot, heat Olive Oil add onions and garlic cook, until they begin to become translucent.

Add both cans of tomatoes, ½ cup of water, salt, and fresh pepper and basil leaves.

Stir to combine, bring to a boil.

Reduce heat and let simmer on low for 25-30 minutes stir frequently.

Serve with those meatballs you made!


Thanks for reading!

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