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I’m Candace Boyd Wylie, the Chief Foodie & Creative Director behind The FoodLoveTog, LLC.
FoodLoveTog, LLC is a food and recipe site, cooking school and spice brand. It is where food and creativity collide. 
I fell in love with food over 20 years ago. From cooking for my family to teaching healthy recipes to community groups, FoodLoveTog has been my vehicle to all things good eats. 

About Me:

I’m Candace. I’m a Mid-Western born and raised home chef who loves to make family recipes and cultivate new flavors. I’m passionate about delicious meals, food access and getting people comfortable in the kitchen. I’ve been in the kitchen for over 20 years, making meals that are fun, flavorful and feisty. As the story goes (my father loves to tell it) I made my first egg at the age of six and the rest is history.

The wealth of my knowledge came at the hand of my mother and grandmother. I learned how to season, be creative and cook from the heart just by sitting at their laps while snapping beans or sitting on a stool to help stir. Coupled with their knowledge, experience became my next teacher. Exploring flavors in the kitchen is one way I take classic recipes and make them my own. 

In short: I’m the Self-proclaimed foodie with condiment issues. The bacon lover, scratch biscuit baker, and spice slanger. Eric’s Wife. Maddie’s Mama.

This is the food your mama wants you to eat. Head over to the recipe section and grab something yummy. Drop by The Shop to grab something spicy! 

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